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"From the initial consultation to the walkthrough, everything was fine.

He was respectful and polite."

T. Smith

"I believe he worked hard to get us the best closing date, terms, and saved us money.

He did everything right. "

S. Brown and R. Hamilton

"He was available via calls, text, emails; whenever I'd remember a question, even late at night.

He always responded. He was very patient since I wasn't sure if my home would be a good fit, which it turned out to be. Also, I appreciated how detailed he was. I always knew what to expect so there were no surprises."

L. Okonkwo and J Clyburn

"As a first time home buyer, I was a little worried about the process.

Meeting George and having him as my realtor was the best thing. People say that getting a home is very stressful, but I didn't feel that way with George. He was on everything and more. He went out of his way to make sure that I was comfortable and made sure everything was getting done correctly. He always picked up my calls and guided me through the process. If you want a stress-free transaction, George is highly recommended. He will not disappoint."

A. Rivera

Honestly, the whole process was so easy and accommodating.

I'm not sure what he could have done better. He was available to speak whenever and made sure all my needs were met. He always answered the phone and called back immediately."

A. Redmond

"He was very kind and respectful, and we felf we could talk to him.

N. Martinez

"George handled the leasing situation with the landlord's realtor in an honest, respectable manner and was very empathetic and compassionate with the challenges he faced ahead.

He guided us to handle the situation the best way possible."

E. Wilson

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